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Prime Minister's Office

Resident Permit and Visa

Residence Permit Section
  • Mr A.  K Jhoerreea
    Assistant Secretary
    Tel : 201-2665
    Fax: 212-9393

Dealing with all matters relating to the issue of visa and residence permits.
The Immigration Act 
It makes provision for the grant of residence permit to non-citizens signifying their intention to reside in Mauritius.
The Passport Act and Government Notice No. 177 of 1993;
The Non-Citizens (Employment Restriction) Act and the Government Notice No. 115 of 1996.
The basic information to be submitted when applying for a residence permit:
(i)  Name of applicant 
(ii)  Profession/occupation 
(iii)  Place and date of birth 
(iv) Sex 
(v)  Marital Status 
(vi)  Nationality
(vii)  Passport No., place of date of issue 
(viii)  Last place of permanent residence 
(ix)  Period and purpose of stay 
(x)  Intended place of residence in Mauritius 
(xi)  Name of local sponsor, if any 
(xii)  Two recent passport size photographs of self and accompanying dependents 
(xiii)  Name and other particulars of dependents, if any, intending to accompany applicant 
(ii) Usual conditions attached to grant of residence permit are:
(i)  applicant should hold a valid passport 
(ii)  applicant should possess a return ticket 
(iii)  applicant should have evidence of sufficient financial means 
(iv) applicant is allowed to re-enter his country of origin 
(v)  the residence permit may be cancelled at any time without any reasons being given 
(a) Employment
(i)  Additional Information
  • Name of local employer
    Post in which to be employed in Mauritius
    Duration of contract/assignment
    (ii) Conditions
    - a residence permit is issued to the corresponding period of the Work Permit
    - if no work permit is issued, applicant, if already in Mauritius, should leave the country
    - the necessary deposits are made.
    - The dependents of the expatriates, except for those employed as skilled worker, may be allowed to stay in Mauritius on the strength of the residence and work permits provided documentary evidence of family relationship is produced and verified.
    - skilled workers are allowed to take up employment in Mauritius for a maximum period of three years. They may be re-employed only after a period of one year has lapsed since they last left Mauritius.
    (b) Spouse of citizens of Mauritius (allowed to stay under section 5(1)(c) of Immigration Act
    (i) Additional Information
    - Birth Certificate of applicant (duly legalised)
    - Marriage certificate (legalised in case marriage took place outside Mauritius)
    - Certificate of Morality/casier judiciare
    - Divorce decree (where applicable)
    - evidence of gainful employment/financial means
    (ii) Conditions
    - the non-citizen should have adequate financial means to maintain himself and his family, i.e. he may transfer funds from abroad or he should obtain a work permit in case he intends to take up employment in Mauritius.
The following categories of persons are eligible for Permanent Residence Permit:
1. An investor having held an Occupation Permit for three years immediately preceding the date of application for Permanent Residence Permit and whose company’s turnover exceeded
Rs 15 million every year during each of these three years in respect of each shareholder of the company.
2. A self-employed having held an Occupation Permit for three years immediately preceding the date of application for Permanent Residence Permit and whose income exceeded Rs 3 million every year during each of these three years
3. A professional having held an Occupation or a Work Permit for three years immediately preceding the date of application for Permanent Residence Permit, and who has drawn a basic monthly salary of at least Rs 150,000 during the entire three year period.
4. A retired non-citizen having held a Residence Permit for three years and who has transferred to Mauritius 40,000 USD or its equivalent in convertible currency annually during each of these three years.
(i) Visas are issued to foreigners who require a visa (e.g. businessmen, tourists, visitors, etc.) to enable them to enter Mauritius freely and without hindrance for short duration (usually not exceeding six months in one calendar year).
(a) The minimum requirements for issue of a visa are:
(i) valid passport/internationally recognised travel documents;
(ii) a valid return ticket;
(iii) evidence of sufficient funds to meet the cost of living in Mauritius
(iv) a letter from the local sponsor (in case stay is sponsored locally)
(b) Conditions for grant of visa
(i) non-citizen should leave at expiry of visa
(ii) non-citizen undertakes not to engage in any financially gainful activities during his stay in Mauritius (applicable to non-citizens coming to Mauritius as tourists/visitors)
(iii) No bank guarantee is required. However, in case of doubt about the applicant, the local sponsor may be required to furnish a sworn affidavit to the effect that he/she would take financial responsibility to ensure that the visitor would leave the country when the visa would expire and in case of default, the sponsor would be held personally and pecuniarily responsible.
(c) Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa to enter Mauritius
(Click here to view list)
(i) Multiple Entry Visa
It is normally issued to non-citizens who by virtue of his business/assignment, have to leave and re-enter the country very often and stay in the country for short periods on and off.
It should be noted that where a multiple visa has been issued and the non-citizen's stay exceeds 90 days in one calendar year, the non-citizen should apply for a work permit. In such circumstances, the issue of a multiple entry visa will be subject to a work permit being obtained.
Application forms for visas for Mauritius are available from Mauritius Mission Overseas, Honorary Consulates, General Sales Agents for Air Mauritius and from many reknown travel agencies.
Each person in the family travelling with his own passport must complete a visa application form.
The application form must be signed by the applicant personally. If unable to sign, a parent or guardian may sign on behalf of the applicant. Children travelling on a parent's passport need not complete a separate application form. The completed form should be lodged at the nearest Mauritian Government Representative office or may be forwarded directly to The Passport and Immigration Officer
9 - 11 Lislet Geoffroy Street
Port - Louis
Tel : (230) 210-9312-19
Fax :(230) 210-9322
E-mail: or

In regard to applications made through General Sales Agents of Air Mauritius same may be submitted directly to the Secretary for Home Affairs, 4th Floor, Government House, Port Louis. (Fax No. 2129393).